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Is Minecraft down right now? Current Minecraft server status

What to know if you're having trouble accessing Minecraft

Is Minecraft down right now? If you're asking that question, then you're likely to be running into some issues logging onto Minecraft's servers right now. As with all giant live service games, the servers that keep Minecraft itself running do sometimes have downtime - both expected and unexpected. The question is whether that's what's happening right now, or if the problems are on your end.

Below we'll quickly explain the current situation with Minecraft, and answer the question of whether Minecraft servers are currently down. We'll also reveal whether Minecraft has any scheduled maintenance coming up in the future, so you're always as prepared as possible for any upcoming downtime on the horizon.

Is Minecraft down?

Minecraft servers are currently up and running. As of the time of writing, the Minecraft servers have just about recovered from an issue on January 25th which affected not only Minecraft but all of Microsoft's services, including Teams and Outlook. We reported on the outage as it happened, so you can read more there.

Microsoft since rolled back a network change which it believed to be linked to the worldwide outage, and shortly afterwards Minecraft servers became active and playable again. As a result, Minecraft is now up.

Minecraft downtime: When will Minecraft next be down for scheduled maintenance?

There is currently no planned maintenance for Minecraft in the near future, so you don't have to worry about Minecraft going down for scheduled updates anytime soon.

The last time scheduled maintenance caused issues for Minecraft players was on 6th October 2022, and the period of downtime only lasted roughly an hour. It's far more common that any issues with connecting to Minecraft's servers is the result of unexpected issues rather than planned maintenance.

When was Minecraft last down?

Before the latest issues on January 25th, the last time Minecraft had issues with its servers going down was on December 16th 2022, when some technical issues momentarily affected Minecraft players' ability to join. The issue was promptly fixed and operations restored by Mojang.

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