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Is There Space In Space For Ring Runner Footage

Ring Runner: Flight of the Sages does not sound like a space game, but then I'm often fooled by games that sound like am awesome space zap then turn out to be point and click adventure set inside a bin. Bins are my least favourite gaming environment. Space is my favourite. Ring Runner is set in space, so I'm drawn to it like matter to a black hole. It's a mix of influences, from DotA to MMOs, with RPG archetypes battling in space under Newtonian movement rules. Top-down as well. I am space-intrigued.

In part because there's something about pretending or appending "space" to descriptions that speaks to me. Ring Runner's biggest boon is a willingness to take those fantasy archetypes and space-fying them. Taking the most recent example: the rogue mixes slick, slidey space movement, but with stealth skills like cloaking, decoys and illusions. I wonder why wrapping all this up in sci-fi makes it a whole lot more appealing to me than a fantasy game? Have a look.

You could make systemically the same game, and I probably wouldn't be half as interested if there wasn't lazers and a starfield. I'm trying to figure out if there is an easy way to explain Ring Runner, but it's mix is making it tough to pin down. Action RPG for sure: the 65 ships pull from a pool of 300 skills to fight out in procedural galactic battles. An upcoming video will show off the Wizard analogue, where the previous video explained away the Warrior-ish Grapplers: they essentially joust in space. I'm really looking forward to how all these will compliment each other in battle: I've been looking for a space game to play with friends.

So it's out towards the end of the year, and while the videos have Xbox Live all over them, it's also on PC.

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