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Itch's Bundle For Racial Justice And Equality raised $8.1 million


This morning, Itch.io's Bundle For Racial Justice And Equality ended its ten days of fundraising with a whooping $8,175,480.81 (£6.4 million) going to organisations fighting racial injustice in America, smashing the $5 million goal. By the end, the bundle offered 1704 videogames, tabletop RPGs, tools, books, comics, soundtracks, and more for as little as $5. It was a phenomenal bargain helping great causes. If you missed it, you missed out.

The bundle launched on Itch.io on June 6th. Since then, more and more games applied to get bundled in. Well done those developers. And well done Itch for wrangling something so big so quickly. Itch say all proceeds from bundle sales will be donated 50/50 to the NAACP Legal Defense And Educational Fund and the Community Bail Fund.

What to do next with the thousand+ games you now own? If you're used to store clients and find fiddling with .zip files is a bit much for you, the Itch App might help. The process is still a little fiddly, mind, due to how Itch handles this huge lump o' games. You'll first need to visit a game's download page in your browser (though not download it) before it'll appear in the App's Library.

As for the problem of where to start with so many games, we've recommend a few on our bundle tag - trying to avoid some of the more obvious ones you likely already know about. There are so many other good games in the bundle, many of which we've praised before. The unofficial Random Bundle Browser website has a load of filters to help sort it, which you might find handy. Which small gems would you recommend, gang?

Hey, if you like a game, maybe leave a rating, review, or comment on Itch, or buy something else from the devs, or such as a thank you. You can still donate to good causes yourself too.

The earlier Black Lives Matter Support Bundle is running for another day-and-a-half, and very close to its $100k goal. It's less ridiculous in comparison, sure, but still has some good games.
The Norwood Suite is a favourite of mine.

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