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It's A Lock In: Sagrario's Room

We're all agreed that Escape The Room games are great, now that the dissenters have been killed. Sagrario's Room is one of the finest I've played, and you should too. It's also one of the toughest, but helpfully, the most rewarding. A very barren room sports a plastic chair, screwed to the floor and blocking the handle-less door, and a briefcase on the floor against the opposite wall. Some panels on the wall hide further secrets, with many more hidden details concealed throughout. The challenge, as ever, is to escape the room.

It's not flawless. In fact, it falls into the most common trap of ETRs - finding the pixel. There's a couple of angles it's hard to find, and at the start there are a few too many found objects that don't let you progress any further. The number of times I thought, "Ooh, okay, so now what can I do with this?" to find out it was nothing until I'd done a bunch more, were too often near the start. However, once you've all the items and locations spotted, solving the puzzles is often exquisite. I'm not too proud to deny using the walkthrough to find a couple of bits of hidden stuff I'd not spotted, and to get the radio open. But I'm equally bubbling with pride that I solved the three key puzzles with my own damned brain. One is especially convoluted and satisfying to have pieced together.

Really smart stuff, is slightly too obscure in places. Found via IndieGames. Please to enjoy

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We may receive a small commission. Read our editorial policy.

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