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It's About Time (& Space): Antichamber Release Date

You'd need a six dimensional tongue to describe Alexander Bruce's Antichamber. It is a game and a psychological experiment. I'm not even sure if writing about it is a good idea, or if it's somehow judging from it's non-euclidean dimension. It exists in a potential form right now, but it'll soon exist in exchange for money and a few frazzled braincells. Bruce has descended from the higher plane, where time is of no consequence and everyone has both completed Antichamber and yet never played it, to let us earthly types know it's out on in the fifth quadrangle of hex space, just before the Platnar's ascendance. That is a fixed point in time. I'm just running it through the un-gibbernator to let you know. Put on ze goggles.

Let's see, ah. In this universe, that translates to January 31st, 2013. It'll be anchored to this plane via Steam. The game's been through a long gestation, beginning as a UT3 mod years ago, before being picked up as one of the Indie Fund's chosen few. Finally, you'll be able to see what all the fuss is about.

John got to play it last year and it messed his head right up. Read. Understand. If this man ever got his hands on Portal... I'm so excited I just popped a time pill. See you on January 31st, 2013!


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