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You’ve made a grammatical error in one of your posts. Can I moan about it?

Absolutely not. We care far more about expressing our thoughts than we do about being dictionary-precise. We’re reasonably adept with our mother tongue, but please remember we’re writing RPS in our spare time and without a dedicated grammer-checkar guy. Mistakes happen. Plus, we kinda dig twisting the language to our own purposes.

So, if you do feel we’re (or a fellow reader is) contributing to the fall of society by writing ’empathy’ when it should say ‘sympathy’, attempts to say so in our comments thread will be deleted. Not because it offends us, but because it inevitably turns the thread into one about grammar, rather than one about games. Be a grown-up and discuss the content of posts, not errors in the words with which they were made.

On the other hand, a polite email about a grammatical mistake is fine – appreciated, even.