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You Don't Know Jack Devs Release Jackbox Party Pack 3

Draw, guess, laugh

The gang behind ace quiz 'em up You Don't Know Jack have launched another bundle of silly party games in The Jackbox Party Pack 3 [official site]. Along with a sequel to their Quiplash, Jackbox Games' latest Party Pack contains four new multiplayer games with drawing, guessing, and generally trying to make everyone laugh. It's a party, yeah? Put on a hat and smile, for goodness' sake. While the Party Packs are intended for local multiplayer, they can also work remotely fairly easily through screen-sharing.

The Party Pack 3 introduces Quiplash 2, a returning Jackbox game which has also been sold standalone. It's one of those there games where players are given prompts and need to come up with their own funny answers to entertain everyone. This time, it lets folks create their own prompts too. As for the new ones, Jackbox Games explain:

"Trivia Murder Party challenges up to eight contestants to test their knowledge while being held captive by a hilariously unstable serial killer; Guesspionage is a game of percentages that asks up to eight players to guess the public's answers to thought-provoking questions; Tee K.O. combines your artistic side with witty wordplay by turning drawings and slogans from up to eight players into hysterical T-shirts; and Fakin' It tasks up to six players with secret, ridiculous instructions, with the exception of one clueless player who must lie and cheat to avoid being discovered as 'The Faker.'"

As ever, the games are meant to be seen on one main screen - which you can do long-distance by sharing your screen in Skype or something - then folks play through their own computer, laptop, pocket telephone, slabputer, or whatever else they have with a web browser.

If you're a streamy streamer, know that this has a load of features for you too.

The Jackbox Party Pack 3 is out on Windows and Mac for £17.09/20,69€/$22.49 on Steam, which includes a launch discount. Peek at all the games in this trailer:

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