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Jade Raymond's Haven Studios gains more former Stadia staff

They all happen to be Ubisoft alumni too

Back in March, Assassin's Creed co-creator Jade Raymond started up Haven Studios, an independent Canadian developer with plans to make a new PlayStation game. She had previously been the head of Stadia Games and Entertainment, but left after Google started shutting down its development studios earlier this year. Now it seems Raymond has tempted some other Google alums over for her new project, who also all happen to be former Ubisoft developers too.

The list of names heading to Haven from Stadia was caught by Cyberia on ResetEra (thanks, Gamasutra), and includes Corey May (who was notably a narrative director on the Assassin's Creed series) and Sebastien Puel (former Assassin's Creed producer, now Haven co-founder). User researcher Jonathan Dankoff, programmer Pierre-Marc Bérubé, and concept artists Erwann Le Rouzic and Francis Denoncourt are joining them.

Those sure are a lot of high profile names. It's far too soon to speculate on what they'll be making, they haven't announced anything about this new game just yet. I can't help but wonder if there'll be stealth involved though. I love a bit of stealth, and they all seem to have a little bit of experience with it.

Raymond announced Haven Studios a couple of months ago on the PlayStation blog, revealing that Sony would be supporting their first game, which they'd be making for PlayStation.

"As I took stock of my career over the last few years and started to think about what to do next, I came to a very simple conclusion: I need to get back to what I love doing most, and do so in a way that gives our team the freedom to explore, inspire, and create," Raymond said.

"And so today I’m announcing Haven, an independent studio where many of the talented game developers I have worked with for years (and love dearly!) are coming together to do what we are most passionate about. It’s time for us to refocus on GAMES in a place where we can practice our crafts without any barriers or impediments." Normally this wouldn't mean much for us in PC land, but there's nothing to say that Haven's game will be totally exclusive just yet. Even if it were, we know Sony want to explore bringing more schloosies over anyways.

If you want to stay up to date with whatever Haven are up to, keep an eye on their website. There's not much on it right now other than some pretty warping colours, but they have to announce their game at some point, right?

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