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Jalopy Adds The-Artist-Formerly-Known-As-Yugoslavia

Croatia calling

Having failed to even make it out of Germany and then becoming trapped in a sausage shop (not a euphemism) I am probably not the best person to talk to about Jalopy [official site] adding new territories for Early Access players to explore. Yet here we are, about to talk about the appearance of the artist formerly known as Yugoslavia in Minskworks' Eastern bloc car maintenance/road trip game.

First thought: I like how you get patch notes for this game that just say things like "Added Yugoslavia", like it's on a par with adding a car horn.

Second thought: Oooh - a car horn!

Third thought: Tell me more of this "Yugoslavia"...

"Take a drive along the coastline of what is now known as Croatia along winding roads, discover abandoned lighthouses, scavenge deserted beaches and build your bank balance trading a whole new raft of territory specific goods."

I like knowing that there are lighthouses out there somewhere, even if the likelihood that I will see them outside of someone else's stream is low!

The main game is still on the 0.5 update while bugs are squished in the newer patch so if you bought into early access* want 0.6 (and Yugoslavia) you'll need to right click the game name in Steam, go to "Properties" then select "Public beta" from the list in the betas section of the menu that pops up.

0.6 also brings a few other nice updates. You can read the full list as it's updated here, but it's stuff like adding a home storage system and having components lose value as their condition deteriorates. I think nighttime is also supposed to be less dark. Typical light pollution, ruining the darkness...


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