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Jet Set Radio-like Bomb Rush Cyberfunk comes out next year

Get a load of the new teaser trailer here

Cyberpunk is so last year, it's time to look ahead to the new, cooler, cyberfunk. The skating, graffiti-ing, dancing platformer (that very much looks like a spiritual successor to Jet Set Radio), Bomb Rush Cyberfunk, got a new teaser trailer last night. It showed off loads of sick flips and tricks, some new music from composer Hideki Naganuma, and revealed it'll be grinding onto our screens in 2022.

Bomb Rush Cyberfunk was first announced last year, and was originally expected to launch in 2021. It's an urban 3D adventure where you'll be sliding, wall-running and dashing your way around a city, with the goal of tagging as many spots as you can with your name.

It's being made by Team Reptile, the folks behind Lethal League (the fighting games where you thwack your enemies with a physics-defying ball to win), with music by Hideki Naganuma, who composed for the iconic Jet Set Radio games.

Since the game's initial announcement, the devs have been revealing little bits and pieces of what they've been working on. One of my faves is this first look at the Franks, one of the crews you'll meet in the city. They're basketball players that look like hipster Frankenstein's monsters.

The devs also mention that "you will encounter a lot of weirdos," so hopefully we'll see a few more of these characters before the game's launch.

Bomb Rush Cyberfunk is expected to arrive sometime in 2022 on "relevant platforms", including Steam.

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Bomb Rush Cyberfunk

PC, Nintendo Switch

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