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Joe Danger Infinity finally arrives on PC - for free and in your browser

Alongside Joe Danger Touch

Before Hello Games began work on No Man's Sky, they made several games in the cute, colourful stunt racing Joe Danger series. Joe Danger and its sequel Joe Danger: The Movie remain available via Steam, but a mobile spin-off released in 2014, Joe Danger Infinity, never left iOS.

Until now. As of right yesterday, Joe Danger Infinity and a mobile port of the original, Joe Danger Touch, are playable in your browser and completely free.

Joe Danger's mobile versions had previously been rendered unplayable by iOS updates and removed from the app store. That changed last January, after an email from the mother of an autistic child who loved the game prompted Hello Games to remaster and re-release Joe Danger on iOS.

"It's sad that many games slowly die, and we've been trying to think of a way to let Joe live on forever, and reach the most people possible," said Sean Murray in a tweet yesterday. Releasing a version that's free and playable in browser "is hopefully one way of doing that." Infinity will work in your browser whether you're on Windows, Mac or Linux, and it has mouse and keyboard support as well as dynamic resolution.

You can head here in order to start playing. It'll play a video at first, but it's loading Joe Danger Infinity, and when complete you can control it by using the mouse to simulate touch controls. There's a link in the top right to switch from Infinity to Jod Danger Touch or you can click here to play it directly.

It's always nice to see older games continue to be supported by studios with the financial means to do so, and it's particularly great to see them making those games playable for free. Joe Danger might lack the scope of No Man's Sky, but they're fun games, and worth a spin if you've never played them before.

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Joe Danger

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