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Jog Your Memory With This Remember Me Trailer

The Forbidden RPS Chatroom of Mystery drew a blank when I mentioned that there was a new trailer for Remember Me. John in particular appeared to have a memory hole, and when he checked Capcom's side he found no relevant information. He's right, go to their site and search for the game. You'll end-up back where you started. At first I thought he'd been brain-hacked, like the game's star Nilin can do. Then I remembered living with him, and hearing him shout about forgetting to pick up his coffee mug after going into the kitchen to specifically make a cup.

It is the future, so we have robot architects, hexagonal buildings, and lots of floating information. The basis of the game is a mixture of parkour, fighting and memory hacking, but the trailer only really shows off the punchy punchy parts, and therefore presents a skewed look at Remember Me. I'm told it's a game where you can generate your own combos. I'd like to create combo, because one of the people she fights is called 'Kid Xmas', and an ally is named 'Bad Request'. Every fricking hacker tale has to come with silly names. You know what my hacking handle is? 'Craig'. My combo would specifically target the part of the brain that comes up with silly hacker names.

It's worth looking at the video from Gamescom, because the trailer's flashiness hides the mix of stealth and puzzles that are integral to the game. It's probably the only Capcom game of recent memory that I have any interest in, though I expect the memory mechanics won't be fully pushed to their potential.

It's slated for May 2013.

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Remember Me

PS3, Xbox 360, PC

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