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John Romero wants you to buy his Doom 2 floppies

But only if you hurry

Would you like a $3,000 copy of Doom 2? Sure, that’s a little bit more expensive than the £5.99/$4.99 Steam version, but you’d be getting five whole floppy disks! When the world ends, that plastic might be valuable. Still not convinced? Well then, I guess John Romero will have to sell his copy to someone else.

John Romero is selling his five-disk copy of Doom 2, a game he helped create 23 years ago, on eBay. The auction has just over 80 bids and another four hours to go.

It looks like Romero decided to do this on a whim last weekend, and soon after he plugged the auction on Twitter.

Unfortunately, you’ll get nothing but the discs if you win -- no box or manual. Romero says they’re in good condition, however, though the 23-year-old glue means that the labels are starting to peel off.

Aside from trying to shift old floppy disks, Romero’s been working on an FPS along with fellow id alumnus, Adrian Carmack. Blackroom’s [official site] been pitched as a “visceral, action-packed FPS set in a holographic simulation gone rogue” complete with all the stuff you’d expect from Romero: heavy-metal, lots of violence, rocket jumping and plenty of strafing. The pair started a Kickstarter campaign last year, but cancelled it four days later. They didn’t have much to show, and have opted to start up the campaign again once there’s a gameplay demo.

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