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Jonathan Frakes probes the fact or fiction of Playerunknown's Battlegrounds lore

Not this time!

A new Playerunknown's Battlegrounds in-universe documentary explores the history of a deserted dinosaur theme park with the perfect host: Jonathan Frakes. He's recently escaped the shadow of playing William T. Riker on the sci-fi show Lexx, finding new fame for saying "Not this time" and "It's a total fabrication!" in compilation videos of his time hosting 90s show Beyond Belief: Fact Or Fiction. Who better to probe the strange death of a mascot at the island of Vikendi's Dinoland?

Here's Frakes with Mysteries Unknown:

I hope to see more videos in this series. What fate befell Mylta Power? Who was a mysterious guest at the Paradise Resort? And what is so good about Good Houses?

After years of edgy posturing, I'm glad to see the game more willing to accept how silly the bantorama is. Yeah yeah the in-lore fella watching the show is standard wacky nutso but the devs called in chuffing Frakes for a joke. The April Fool's Larp mode was great too.

Mysteries Unknown follows on from this April video:

Vikendi returned to Plunkbat in April after a big overhaul. Part of that was a revamp of the scrappy Dino Park, which is now the far fancier Dinoland. Trains are running all over too. And apparently running over dinos.

I have never seen a single episode of Beyond Belief but I am so here for the compilations:

I have, yes, thank you for asking.

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