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Doom-inspired Jupiter Hell announces full release date for August

With a new update out today too

It may be all heavy metal and shotguns and space demons but no no, this isn't Doom. Jupiter Hell is the distinctly not-Doom turn-based roguelike that's been in early access for a year and a half. It's nearly reached the end of a run, but there's always a new run after, isn't there? Jupiter Hell is leaving early access for full launch in August, but the developers say they've got plans for post-launch updates too. Oh, and a new update is out today.

In RPS's Jupiter Hell early access review, it sounds like a good bit of demon slaying ripping and tearing.

"Environmental features like exploding barrels not only honour the hallowed FPS that inspired Jupiter Hell, but also amplify this sense of dynamic movement," Steve Hogarty says. "You can kite enemies to lure them towards barrels before manually targeting them to make everything pop at once, which is just as gratifying as it is in any other genre."

Its original early access launch suffered a bit for lack of breadth, according to our review. Fortunately, that's exactly what ChaosForge have spent the last year and a half adding. Jupiter Hell has gotten pretty regular updates with new traits, weapons, level types, and more.

They're not done with those just yet, either. A new update called Expanse launched today with—imagine that—more levels and traits. Expanse adds four new level branches and three new levels for each trait. "Each new branch has a new special level, Noxious Mines use the old Noxious Hollow, while Infernal Lock has been added to Io main route. Especially of note are Europa Ruins and Shadow Halls which feature a brand new tileset, and especially interesting special levels," the develoeprs say.

You can spot the full changelog in ChaosForge's post.

Jupiter Hell will launch on August 5th, after which the developers say they have additional updates planned. You can find it over on Steam where they've put it on 20% discount until March 1st.

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