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Just Skin & Bones

Every cutesy platformer must have its gimmick. For Skin & Bones, it's the rather nice idea of having two playable characters, one of whom is invincible.

Well, dead. And thus with nowhere to go. So Skin, an alive human, has no attack, but a nice big jump. His task is to collect all the gems from a level, and pick up any bonus coins he can manage. Bones, his post-alive skeletal buddy, can pick up nothing, nor jump very high, but can kill all the enemies he can reach by contact. Then the two can work in tandem, standing on the others' head.

Kah, yute.

Addictive 247's retro puzzle/platform offers a chunk of demo for you to get the general idea. However, it does end a bit too early, before the game offers any sense of challenge. Later on things get a lot more involved, especially by the time you reach Candyland, and the bees are released. Damned bees. It's the standard $19.95 for the full version, and for some retro fun with surprisingly decent music, it's sweet. If slightly under-involved.

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