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Human Pinball: Kabounce Looks Pretty Fun

Football with cars with pinball?

You might look at Kabounce [official site] and say "That is Rocket League with cars - football with cars with pinball." No. Kabounce is clearly Pinboing with multiplayer.

For those not down with the hottest fad sports of Mega-City One, Pinboing encases players in a bubble of the miracle spray bounce-o-plastic Boing® then launches them into a huge pinball table to rack up Mega-Points. Kabounce looks it'll be a bit like that, only with multiplayer (multiball?), a neon haze, and a splash of murder. Observe:

Kabounce will have two teams bouncing off flippers, into bumpers, and up ramps. Pinging bumpers scores points and racks up a multiplier for even more - you know, like pinball. However, if another player ploughs through you, they'll roll away with your points, so you'll need to plan when to deposit them in your goal. Developers Tivaru say it'll have several modes, which I assume will broadly all revolve around pins and balls.

They started the game during a game jam in July, then decided they'd like to have a real crack at it. Because human cyberpinball is a pretty cool idea. No word on when Tivaru hope to release Kabounce, but in preparation they're bouncing into Steam Greenlight.

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