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Kalypso have set up a new Commandos game studio

The old sneak and shoot

Kalypso Media have set up an internal studio to make a new Commandos game with the rights they bought last year. This is good news.

My two year-old brain hadn't developed to the point where it could enjoy sneaky shooting in Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines back in '98, or in any of its sequels, but my brain's more advanced form did adore Shadow Tactics: Blades Of The Shogun. Tim Stone lavished his Shadow Tactics review with Commandos 2 comparisons, so I'm hoping this will be up my street.

So far Kalypso have only announced new studio director Jürgen Reußwig. The studio doesn't have a name yet, perhaps because they're too busy recruiting for it. You can apply for one of five important-sounding positions here.

Reußwig comments:

“We’ll be looking to develop a truly worthy successor to Commandos, designed for both PC and console platforms for simultaneous worldwide release. On a personal level, I couldn’t be prouder to be working on a true icon of strategy gaming, and I’m looking forward to receiving applications from new and experienced developers alike that share our passion for the series.”

None of that confirms new Commandos will closely resemble the much-lauded Commandos 2, mind. For now my tactics horizon is dominated by Desperados 3, which is basically a Shadow Tactics sequel wearing a lovely cowboy coat that lets you pause. There's plenty of room under the real time tactics murder umbrella, though, and I look forward to seeing what unnamed-new-Commandos-studio gets up to.

While the sequel sounds a long way out, a Commandos 2 HD Remaster is coming in January. That looks like this, look.

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