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Keen Thinking: MURI

cd C:\muri

Ah, life was easier back in the days of DOS. No, that's bollocks: you had to dick around with command lines, XMS/EMS, monitors the size of bears and games which required 17 floppy disks. Also the only Nandos in the UK was in London. Rubbish. However, I am taken straight back to a childhood of acne and EGA in a vaguely pleasant nostalgo-haze when gazing upon this footage of DOS-style jumpy-shooter MURI.

Whole lotta early Commander Keen Duke Nukem in there, plus several games I don't currently consciously recall but whose names will make me go OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH YEAH if someone writers them below.

This is a solo project from Daniel Remar of Swedish dev Ludosity, who you may know from the likes of Hyper Princess Pitch and Hero Core. He promises "an authentic 80s experience", but apparently that entails 16-colour graphics, a cheesy sci-fi story and switching between run-and-gun and more tactical shootybanging, rather than Margaret Thatcher snatching your milk to an Ultravox soundtrack.

An "optional mode" will apparently smooth out the framerate, scrolling and whatnot for anyone who thinks Muri is too old-fashioned. WIMPS.

The game's due out "this holiday", which presumably means any time in the next four weeks. Unless he somehow means my next holiday, which isn't until July. I'm going to Barbados for my partner's brother's wedding! Anyone know how well they cater to vegetarians there?

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