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Interns And Explosions: Kerbal Space Program's Latest

Expanding Career Mode

You might think yourself a real Top Gun, the next Dan Dare, or a veritable Buck Rogers. Kerbal Space Program has been out long enough for you, oh mighty pilot, to master space flight and possibly get a bit cocky. Don't worry, the latest update has added new things to cock up. Your space centre is destructible now, for starters. It also bulks out the Career Mode a little with new strategies that might help you but can backfire, like unpaid interns. KSP's on sale for a few days to celebrate.

Administration are behind those bad ideas, of course. Damnable Administration. The new Administration Facility building in Career Mode lets you pick three strategies that burn one resource for another. Aggressive Negotiations eat reputation but save cash, open-sourcing your tech will boost your reputation but lower earnings, while unpaid research interns get you extra science at the cost of your reputation. You cannot, sadly, send interns into space.

If you, in an act of rebellion and impressive role-playing, want to take down those stuffed shirts in Administration, you can. Every building in the space centre is destructible now, so you could accidentally drop your boosters in just the right spot to take them down. Take that, The Man.

For the next day-and-a-half or so, KSP is £13.79 on Steam or direct from developers Squad.

Here, check the update notes and FAQ. It's got cargo bays and space plane bits too. Watch:

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Kerbal Space Program

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