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Viking Space Program Is Exploding With Awesome

Harpoon spacewhales

Long ago, before the seduction of fast food and motorized vehicles, there resided vikings in the land of Kerbin. It was not an easy time. These fearsome Kerbals lived and died with their colossal ships, which spat flame like the behinds of dragons. But like their eventual descendants, they persisted and grew from strength to strength. Their endless quest for naval perfection was known as the Viking Space Program and it was, like everything else in Kerbin, kinda cool.

In case you somehow missed the hype shuttle, Kerbal Space Program [official site] is an enormously involved space flight simulator which features the eponymous little green men and a lot of explosions. It’s also a mind-bogglingly complicated game that has spawned a wonderful cadre of mods and feats, ranging from the hilarious to the historically accurate. And this wonderful, absurd little idea, of course.

YouTuber SWDennis's Viking Space Program is both upcoming comedic sensation and a downloadable craft for your game. In this eight-minute first episode, SWDennis shows you how to pilot space-age viking ships, how to harpoon spacewhales, and how to spectacularly crash.

You can download their vessel yourself to have a crack, though you'll also want these mods: Infernal Robotics; Pro Props; KAS; Collision FX; Better Buoyancy; and Hot Rockets.

(Incidentally: Have a dragon!)

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Kerbal Space Program

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