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Kick doors with friends in Door Kickers: Action Squad

No door should go unkicked

Door Kickers is a tense, precise tactics game that turns SWAT team interventions into real-time-with-pause puzzles. But what if it was more like Broforce? That’s Door Kickers: Action Squad -- infiltrate buildings as part of a SWAT team, and then make everything explode. It’s on Steam early access now.

Instead of being a top-down tactics game like its predecessor, Action Squad is a side-scrolling action romp with co-op multiplayer. A team that makes something like Door Kickers, however, is never going to get rid of tactical shenanigans entirely, and Action Squad still expects players to plan ahead, choose the right gear and use different tactics to take down specific enemies.

But yeah… it’s mostly about making stuff go kaboom. There’s a single-player mode, too, but judging by the trailer, playing with a pal is recommended. After all, some doors are pretty tough, and an extra boot always helps.

This early access version comes with the co-op multiplayer, three playable characters with different combat styles, over 20 weapons and items, eight enemy types, and two different objectives: rescue the hostage and bomb disposal. More important than all of that, however, is the fact that you can smash through a skylight like an utter badass. Spare a thought for the person cleaning up the mess.

Door Kickers: Action Squad is out now on Steam for £8.36/$10.79.

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