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Worlds Of Magic On Early Access Of Steam

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Worlds of Magic isn't the first game to return to Kickstarter for a second round of funding and the effort can be worthwhile. Often, after a failed attempt, devs who've had six months more to read up on crowdfunding strategy and secure private funding return to the dream machine for another crack at the prize after a failed first attempt. Such was not the case for Wastelands Interactive and their Master of Magic spiritual successor. They reached their goal at the first visit and decided they wanted seconds, using another campaign as a stretch goal funder. Now the fantasy 4X is in a playable state, though an Early Access one, eight months after the originally planned release date. Naturally, there's a heavy metal trailer to go alongside.

What we have here is a dose of reality. Delays are definitely not unique to Worlds of Magic and neither is wanting or needing more money to make the project the best it can be. Most make do, or go to Early Access sooner or seek private funding, but the second campaign seems to have worked just as well.

In the run up to Early Access, Wastelands (this is the last company allowed to use "Wasteland" for anything in games, just as a PSA) released a three part video series as part-tutorial, part-trailer. The first goes into detail about race selection and Sorcerer Lord creation. They're the player avatars that come with a massive variety of spells to dominate with along with the usual army-building map-conquering.

You can opt-in for £29.99 on Steam. They're planning on a full release in February.

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