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Loadsa Muties: Killing Floor 2 Announced With More Gore

More co-op survival FPS shenanigans

Killing Floor is a pleasantly solid co-op survival FPS, blessed with chunky-feeling guns and ridiculous English accents shouting daft Britishisms. It also cemented Tripwire Interactive as one of my favourite developers for banging it full of new monsters, levels, and special events for years after launch in a way that only Valve match nowadays. Now, delightfully, a sequel's coming. Imaginatively titled Killing Floor 2, it seems to have as its core new feature, er, buckets of gore.

Killing Floor 2's mutant enemies each have 19 points of dismemberment so players can, say, blow chunks off a monster's head until you see skull, then keep on shooting until that pops open to reveal brains. Right. Good. Lovely. Melee's meant to be tarted up too, with different moves and combos to chop limbs off and paint walls with blood. Great.

The original had persistent levelling which gave classes new abilities, but it moved at a glacial pace past the first few. This time levels will flow more freely towards a higher cap of 25, but the perks they bring will be choices rather than an ever-accumulating list of bonuses. One Commando level, for example, will give a choice between dealing more damage and letting the whole team see enemy health bars. What other new features can I recklessly throw into this paragraph? Oh! Tripwire are reworking difficulty, so monsters on higher levels will be more aggressive with more abilities.

All these details and that screenshot up there come from PC Gamer, who have an exclusive on the announcement and a preview and all that jazz. We're taking them, just like that. You got a problem with that, PC Gamer? What are you going to do about it, huh? Tonight. Midnight. The usual place. See you on the dancefloor, suckers.

One colossal concern of mine is that the only screenshots PCG have appear to be from a Parisian level. As a London resident, I am hugely concerned that my region and its many hilarious accents are all too often under-represented in media. Why, just the other day I observed a television programme set in The North, which I understand to be broadcast thrice weekly! Asked directly about this important issue on its Facebook page, Tripwire shamefully ducked the question. Crying "Beaucoup d'argent!" while hurling money at teammates just won't feel the same as "Loadsa money!"

Killing Floor 2's coming to Steam Early Access at some point, with mod support t'boot.

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