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Zut Alors! Killing Floor 2 Hits Steam Early Access

Co-op survival FPS

I'm reporting to you from Paris (that part is true) and can tell you that, as Killing Floor 2 [official site] predicts, civilization as I knew it is over. You may think that fighting monsters in the virtual streets of Paris in Tripwire's co-op wave survival FPS may help you prepare for this, now that it's out on Steam Early Access, but no, no it's worse than that. We may be beyond hope.

A bar here served me a Bloody Mary garnished with a glowstick. What fresh hell is this? What have we become? A pink glowstick in a Bloody Mary. Not even a good glowstick: one of the bracelet ones but without even the connector to wear it. I beg you: unleash the mutants to kill us all.

Now that we're done with my kooky wakka wakka hilarious bourgeois comedy stylings, let's do gametalk. The main bullet points for Killing Floor 2 over the first game are a gorier gore system, reworked perks system, better melee combat, difficulty scaling changing monster behaviour too, a few new enemies, and a new end-of-level boss who looks way less of a dingus than the old Patriarch. I dug the first game so yeah, I'm up for this.

Why Early Access, given that KF1 was steadily expanded with new bits after release anyway? Developers Tripwire are looking to scoop loads of feedback to shape the game as they add to it, in a cycle of adding new things, rebalancing, then adding more, and so on. Right now, it only has three levels, and is missing a fair few planned weapons and perk trees. Tripwire plan to launch by the end of this year.

If you want in now, it'll cost you £19.99. Do check out this first list of common bugs and solutions.

I did get into the closed beta test but was a bit distracted at the time and only found time to see how cool a monster-slayer I could be with its character lineup and few customisation options. Yeah, pretty cool is the answer. Rich Stanton was also in the beta and he actually played it, so probably go see what he has to say. For now, the Early Access launch trailer:

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Killing Floor 2

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