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Kim Wrong-Il: Homefront 

Is Homefront poorly-timed or perfectly-timed? I'd love to have been a fly on the wall in THQHQ when news broke about the recent violence between North and South Korea. "Does this mean the game's screwed or a guaranteed success?", I imagine a man with expensive business cards saying. No-one at THQHQ actually said that, of course. I'm just imagining what it might have been like. It's like The West Wing, but with Rachael Bilson's dad and some Space Marine statues in the halls.

The alterna-war shooter, which depicts an implausible near-future invasion of the US by North Korea, is due in March, so I suspect there's a lot of boardroom breath-baiting about what happens between then and now.

In the meantime, we're getting a slow trickle of trailers intended to snare the hearts and minds of the world's gaming population as CODBlops mania dies down. Here's the latest. It's not a cheery affair:

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So that's that. More cinematic hyper-linearity awaits, it seems. Good news for COD fans, but hopefully it'll also offer something more distinctive for those us who risk tiring of mega-gloss scripathons.

While Frontlines: Fuel of War devs Kaos (now augmented by an awful lot of heavy-hitters from other studios, I understand) are handling core development work, the PC version is to be brought to term by Digital Extremes - who've promised dedicated servers and all that good gravy we demand from our PC shooters.

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