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Some Odd Gentlemen Are On A King's Quest 

King Graham also edits RPS.

Trailers don't always turn me into a shrieking teenybopper, but I'm not ashamed to say I made high-pitched noises — think long, loud "EEEE"s of raw and immeasurable glee - at the King's Quest announcement trailer. A joint production between The Odd Gentleman and the newly resurrected Sierra Games, the upcoming reboot is all about a doddering King Graham going, "In my time - " at his granddaughter Gwendoyln while he shakes his cane-sword at shadow bunnies.

It feels like there's a little bit of Telltale Games in the design of the characters, but that’s about as far as resemblances go. This new King's Quest seems to moving beyond point-and-click controls, although it's unclear where exactly it's ended up. There's jumping, it seems - platforming, even - and ways of preventing your death outside of the old-school “don’t click on anything stupid and make sure you toss boots at cats” method. Which could be great because more dynamism in interaction might breathe new life into the setting, or it could also be appalling because... Well, because. Modernising old favourites is a perilous business.

That said, it looks like the lads at The Odd Gentlemen scored empathic thumbs-ups from Roberta Williams herself so I’m going to err on the side of generous optimism. Who knows what the future holds? (Not a word about that mirror, damn it.)

P.S: That dragon's a bit handsome, ain't she?

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