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Kooky Ooky: I Am Bread & Goat Simulator Team Up

So random!

The twin fads of zany physics-based games and Joke Simulator Game Simulator 2013 have mostly passed us by now, so I wonder what'll be the not oh-so-random joke genre to strike it big? Frag montage parody FPSs have been too small for too long to take off, and Sanic Hegehog games have never been fun enough. Maybe I'm out of touch.

Well, while we await the next big thing in zaniness, we can return to two giants in the field, who are slowly raising themselves from their meme-shaped thrones (resembling the severed head of Richard Dawkins frozen in eternal fury). You see, Goat Simulator [official site] and I Am Bread [official site] are teaming up for crossover free DLC.

Goat-starers Coffee Stain Studios and and toastlovers Bossa Studios are both bringing a little of the other's game into their own with free Goatbread updates. They explained in a press release today, "I Am Bread will have a new Goat Simulator-inspired level 'RAMpage mode', and Goat Simulator a new, playable piece of bread." No word yet on when either of these will be released.

Call me a humourless monster, but I don't get much out of kooky physics games, or not anymore. I am endlessly delighted by glitchy physics happening by accident in games, when a system breaks and reveals quite how silly and crude and exciting and wonderful all this digital smoke and mirrors is, but it's not the same when games do that on purpose. It's not as magical. It's a bit... 'random'. Though, to be fair, Goat Simulator is also about exploring a weird world uncovering secrets, and I Am Bread is a pretty tough platforming sort of thing - they're not just jokes.

Anywho, here's a trailer which is definitely kooky random zaniness:

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