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Sithprise! Knights Of The Old Republic 2's New Patch

Mac and Linux versions too

Obsidian's Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II doesn't quite reach the level of Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines on the Oh Gosh Imagine If It Were Actually Finished-o-meter, but it has folks who go to bat to it. Like Bloodlines, for a decade KOTOR 2 has relied on fans to fix bugs, restore and finish cut content, and improve support for modern systems. Unlike Bloodlines, KOTOR 2 apparently still has some sort of official support.

Yesterday brought a new KOTOR 2 patch on Steam, adding native support for widescreen resolutions and controllers, Steam Workshop for mods, and more.

This surprise update comes from porting house Aspyr as they bring Obsidian's RPG to Mac and Linux, also fixing up the Windows edition while they're at it. This new version brings achievements, Steam Cloud saves, native support for widescreen resolutions and resolutions up to 5K, controller support, and Steam Workshop.

Aspyr worked with the modders behind The Sith Lords Restored Content Modification to ensure it'd be up on the Workshop at launch. It's right here. This isn't essential, mind: the content was hardly finished and perfect when it was cut, and sometimes content is cut for good reasons too. Consider it an interesting option for a second playthrough, perhaps.

To celebrate all this, a 25% discount brings KOTOR 2 down to £5.24 on Steam until next Tuesday.

I wonder if anything will ever come of Obsidian's hopes to work on Star Wars again. They've since hit it big on the Kickstarter scene, of course.

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