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Kung fu brawler Sifu is adding difficulty options next week

As well as new training modes

In his Sifu review for us, Jai found the kung fu brawler difficult enough that at one point he thought he "was going to eat" his controller. He didn't, thankfully, and enjoyed the game a lot overall.

If you have ingested your controller, you might want to sick it up again quick, because a free update coming to Sifu next week will add new difficulty modes and training options.

Developers Sloclap briefly outlined the update, coming May 3rd, in tweeting a content roadmap that includes four free updates over the course of 2022. The u[date coming next week will add difficulty options called Student, Disciple and Master, as well as "Advanced Training" and outfit selection.

While "Student" sounds as if it will be easier than the game's current base difficulty, Sloclap haven't confirmed that. They say they'll have more information on the nature of the difficulty settings before the update's release.

I'm also interested in the mentioned summer update, which will bring optional modifiers including twists that make enemies stronger, remove the ability to block, or add bullet time. Bullet time is particularly appealing if I can pair it with the pack of user-made Sifu Matrix mods which together add Neo, Agent Smith, paint the town green and adds sound effects from the movies.

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