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Kung fu brawler Sifu will throw the first punch next February

From the makers of Absolver

It felt as if Absolver's slick kung fu fights deserved more of an audience, and Sifu looks like their second chance. It's a singleplayer story of revenge about punching and parrying through cinematic backdrops, and its new trailer comes with a release date of February 22nd, 2022.

The trailer was shown yesterday during Gamescom 2021's Opening Night Live, and I'm a big fan:

In particular I'm a big fan of the scenes set in an art museum, in which the paint-dripping pendulum of an exhibit swings between the brawl. That aside, I'm a big fan of its combat. Part of Absolver's appeal was piecing together your own moveset as you progressed, which Sifu seems less focused on aalthough it still has unlockable skills. Even beyond that, it looks like a very satisfying Batman-style combat system about sidestepping fists and punching people in the thighs until they cry uncle.

Sifu takes place in a fictional Chinese city, in which you'll uncover a mystery and avenge your family's murder with the aid of a magical pendant. The pendant revives you after each death, but your character will visibly age each time you come back. I look forward to completing the game as a 104-year-old man, crushing goons with my zimmer.

Sifu will be an Epic Games Store exclusive at launch and will cost £32/€40/$40.

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