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Rocket-Riding Knights Compete In Lance A Lot

Rockets for all!

One-hit-kill melee arena action is all the rage in local multiplayer games nowadays, swords swinging with gay abandon, and I'm always delighted to see something surprising there. The recently-released Lance A Lot [official site] is a one-hit-kill melee arena local multiplayer game where... you're all knights riding rockets, trying to jab each other with your lances. Yep, sure!

So there you are, up to four knights, ready to scrap it out for honour or hankies or whatever it is knights are after. A good Brasso sponsorship deal? The point is: you'll not be satisfied by mere horsesports, no no, you'll be riding gleaming rockets. Off you scream, trying to jab other knights with your lance, and maybe dicking about with powerups or weird physics objects in levels. I do also like the idea of rockets themselves becoming hazards once their rider is toppled.

I've not had a crack yet myself but yeah, this looks and sounds pretty fun. Certainly more interesting to me than that other Rocket Knight.

A 35% launch discount brings Lance A Lot down to £7.14/9,74€/$9.74 on Steam. It's made by Swedish mob Rocket Hammer. Here's the launch trailer:

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