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Latest Indie Royale Bundle Has Indie Games In It

As opposed to not-indie games. Apparently there's controversy when bundles aren't indie, though I'd appreciate the ill sentiment more if Indie Royale did it, what with the whole indie in the title thing.

Anyway: the line-up for the Indie Royale Winter package is Greed Corp, Hamlet, BIT.TRIP Runner (isn't that in everything now?), Conquest of Elysium 3, Leave Home and They Breathe. Seeing as I ruined basically hit-attraction techniques by putting all those names above the cut, I'm going to stuff some videos of each of those games below instead. Then I will be high on hits, beyond my wildest possible hit-based dreams. (I don't have any hit-based dreams, I'm not Rupert Murdoch even if I am almost as crabby).

Greed Corp:


BIT.TRIP Runner:

Conquest of Elysium 3:

Leave Home:

They Breathe:

Usual Indie Royale rules apply. The minimum price goes up as more people pay the minimum price, or down if generous folk pay more than the asking. Currently it's at a piffling £2.89, though that will doubtless have changed by the time this post goes live.

What will also have changed by the time this post goes live is my socks, because my current ones are too thin in this cold. Rock, Paper, Shotgun: the internet's most thrilling read.

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