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LawBreakers open beta back once again with the ill behaviour


Cliff Bleszinski and his Boss Key Productions are holding another open beta test for their gravity-bending multiplayer FPS LawBreakers [official site] this weekend. It'll start Friday then run until Monday, and you can prepare by preloading the client now. The last beta was one month ago and the game will launch in a fortnight, so this is a chance to see basically what it'll be like. Changes since the last beta include a sandbox tutorial mode, balance tweaks, matchmaking improvements, and all the character customisation doodads.

Swing on by Steam and you can get the 15GB download rolling now. This weekend's beta will begin on Friday at 3pm (7am Pacific) then end on Monday at 3pm (same).

Check out the patch notes for all that's changed with this beta build. The matchmaking shakeup sounds important, at least.

"Queue times at low and high tier MMR (matchmaking skill rating) or in certain regions could be too long", Boss Key say of the last beta, and "Matches were often unbalanced". Yup, those sound like problems for a multiplayer shooter. So matchmaking queues will slowly expand their boundaries as time passes, and matchmaking ratings will take into account individual skill rather than simply a player's team wins and loses.

I didn't play in the last beta because I was on holiday, probably either in bed or near some water, and the last official RPS time with LawBreakers was long ago. So tell me: how was it? Will you return to break the law once more?

Possibly still one of the best music videos, that.

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