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League Of Legends Clash? More like LoL Crash!!!

More like League Of Losers!!!

This past weekend was supposed to see the grand debut of the new Clash tournaments in League Of Legends, three-day automated competitions where anyone could form a team and pay a little to enter in the hope of winning glory and cosmetic doodads. It did not turn out that way. When Clash launched on Friday, it was undermined by bugs which caused matches to not start and teams to automatically lose. LoL developers Riot Games scrambled to fix it but couldn't, and ended up cancelling the rollout. Clash will relaunch, once it's been tested more.

"As soon as the first tournaments for Clash were starting in the Philippines and OCE, we realised games were not starting and teams were automatically losing," Riot explained in Monday's blog post. That's bad. They had tested Clash in multiple betas across multiple regions since December 2017 and, they say, none of those showed problems on the scale of this.

"We started pulling in engineers from across Riot to help triage, but because the global rollout was ongoing, we had to scramble to find a fix as soon as we could," they said. "Unfortunately, more and more regions were due to roll out while we were actively working on finding the source, forcing us to make late cancellations."

Rather than have more people suffer the suckiness, Riot cancelled Clash on Friday before the global rollout reached Europe and the Americas. Hard luck for folks who had planned their weekends around the competition.

Players who used tickets to enter will receive them back. As a make-up gift, folks on pending or active rosters of two of more players will receive one of the Clash Orb prizes containing, Riot explain, "a 3 win XP boost, two Clash team logos, one for MSI and the second at random, and a shard for a 750 RP skin."

Riot say they are "sorry for how things went down" and are working on resolving this. "We believe we've pinpointed the underlying issue, but we need to keep testing, and are implementing more diagnostics to see if our fixes are working out." They'll test this with more betas, then relaunch Clash... when it's ready?

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