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League of Legends: Odyssey Extraction guide

Everything you need to know about the new PVE event.

It’s hard to believe, but League of Legends hasn’t had many PVE modes. Well, in what’s one of the game’s most exciting announcements in a while, League of Legends is finally getting what many fans have wished for, another PVE adventure entitled Odyssey.

Revealed with a brand new trailer starring Jinx, Malphite and Yasuo as the main stars of the show, Odyssey places you in the shoes of a ragtag team of space pirates out to save Ziggs who’s trapped on an alien planet, presumably by the main villain who you might recognise as Kayn.

While information is a little thin on the ground, we know that Odyssey features augments that upgrade your Champion’s power and there are multiple difficulties which up the challenge.

Editor's Note: We've just updated this guide with all the latest info on Odyssey, we'll continue adding details and clearing bits up over time, so stay tuned for all the latest!

Odyssey Extraction: All Playable Characters

You'll be able to play as Yasuo, Sona, Malphite and Ziggs. They all have different augment paths and special passive abilities exclusive to this PVE mode!

Below we've broken down what they're all capable of:


Yasuo's Mr. Crowd Control for the team and provides decent AD damage to boot. His Way of the Wandered shields for twice the amount and twice the duration in Odyssey too.

  • +10% healing for all damage dealt (33% effectiveness for AoE)
  • +50% ultimate cooldown reduction
  • +10% movement speed


As you'd expect, Jinx will be your team's primary ranged damage dealer. Get Excited! also activates when Jinx kills shiny monsters and applies itself to all crewmembers, which means a big speed buff for all!

  • +10% healing for all damage dealt (33% effectiveness for AoE)
  • +50% ultimate cooldown reduction
  • +20% attack speed
  • +15 Mana Regen per second


The big tank of the team with the ability to disrupt enemies too. Granite Shield's cooldown doesn't reset during combat, but basic attacks and spell hits lower it by 1 and 2 seconds respectively.

  • +5% healing for all damage dealt (33% effectiveness for AoE)
  • +50% ultimate cooldown reduction
  • +5% health
  • +15 Mana Regen per second
  • +100 Attack Damage and Ability Power


The team will lean on Sona for support and she specializes in healing, movement speed buffs and magic damage too. Power Chord's effect have been modified for Odyssey, meaning that it'll deal +75% damage with [Q], reset Aria of Perseverance with [W] and Tempo [E] will stun targets.

  • +5% healing for all damage dealt (33% effectiveness for AoE)
  • +50% ultimate cooldown reduction
  • +10% healing and shielding
  • +20 Mana Regen per second


Mad bomber Ziggs' speciality is dishing out AOE Magic Damage. Short Fuse gains 150 attack range and deals double damage - phwoar.

  • +10% healing for all damage dealt (33% effectiveness for AoE)
  • +50% ultimate cooldown reduction
  • +10% ability power
  • +15 Mana Regen per second

Odyssey Extraction: Augments

Progress through Odyssey and you'll earn special upgrades or "augments" for characters that you'll keep permanently. These are unique buffs to your chosen champion's abilities which you can swap out between each mission depending on what you need.

Here's what we can expect!

Each champion has 5 augment slots and can collect up to 15 augments in total. The main aim here is to collect as many as possible and experiment with them to find a crazy combination that works for you.

If you arrive late to Odyssey, you'll be able to purchase an augment bundle from 17th September - 8th October with real world currency. It'll include all augments for either 600 RP or 10,000 BE. Each augment owned will reduce the RP price by 8, down to a minimum price of 215 RP.

Odyssey: Summoner Spells

You've only got access to a couple of summoner spells, but they're extremely useful:

  • Warp: "Turn briefly untargetable and invlunerable as you dash towards a location. Holds 3 charges." 15 second Ammo Recharge
  • Resuscitate: "Revive a fallen crewmate by standing next to them for 2 seconds. Exiting the area does not consume your cooldown." 100 second Cooldown

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Odyssey Extraction: Friendlies (Companions)

In Odyssey there are a couple of little followers that'll do their utmost to help you out because they're just so lovely:

  • Ora Bot: Follows you about, helps you gather Ora and buy things between rounds.
  • Portal Zone: Once you've cleared an area, Ora Bot opens up a special portal which transports you to the next area.

Odyssey: Powerups and Collectibles

Here's a list of all the special powerups you'll want to track down while out exploring with your crewmembers.

  • Ora: Little golden orbs and Odyssey's main currency. Drops from both enemies and Ora Plants. Collect enough of these and you'll be able to move to the next area.
  • Ora Plant: Hit these and they'll drop Ora.
  • Lifebead: Defeat one of these and everyone's health and mana will be topped up.
  • Goldbead: Gives everyone an extra 500 gold.
  • Focusbead: Take one of these out and you'll earn two huge buffs - invlunerability and cooldown reduction too.
  • Relicbead: Unlocks an augment for everybody!
  • Orabead: Drops a tonne of Ora.

Odyssey: Hazards

The planet you'll be exploring isn't the safest place in the solar system. Here's what you'll want to avoid:

  • Walls: Destructible terrain that poses no threat, but blocks the way instead. Destroy it to progress through the level.
  • Darkness: Darkness will encroach on the map, so stay close to your team.
  • Egg Frenzy: A random event where a bunch of Cyte Eggs will appear out of nowhere. Destroy them before they spawn!
  • Bubble Geyser Plants: These will launch giant bubbles that'll trap you in place if you get hit.
  • Fire Beam Crystals: Rotating beams of fire. Tread carefully to avoid being scorched.
  • Ice Beam Crystals: As the name suggests, this is a rotating beam of ice that'll slow you down if it connects.
  • Ora Storm: A pulsing zone of electrical energy. Don't stand inside otherwise it'll hurt your health bar!
  • Ice Storm: Just like the Storm above, but it'll slow you down instead.
  • Volcano: Described as an "unstable" patch of ground. We imagine it'll erupt and deal significant damage if you don't scoot out the way in time.

Odyssey Extraction: Enemies

Of course, you won't be milling about this alien planet soaking up all the "lovely" scenery but taking on a bunch of horrible looking monsters instead.

There are many different types of enemies, ranging from small creatures that'll chuck disruptive projectiles at you, to enormous beats that'll knock you backwards or spawn eggs if you don't take them out fast enough. Turns out this planet really isn't that pleasant after all eh?

For a good look at all the enemy types you'll be facing, including the big bad boss at the end of it all (spoilers, it's Kayn), then make sure you check out the official blog post.

Odyssey Extraction: Missions

Extraction also brings with it a number of missions or challenges to complete which'll reward you with exclusive rewards like Augments, Odyssey tokens and more.

The list is pretty exhaustive, so we've put together a separate Odyssey Extraction Missions page if you're interested in finding out what tasks you'll be able to take on and the rewards they'll offer. Let's just say that they're well worth investing some time in as you'll only power up more to help with tougher missions and work your way towards cosmetic unlocks too!

Odyssey Extraction: Tips and Tricks

Here are a few pointers to help you get to grips with this PVE game mode.

General Tips

  • During the first wave your main aim is to clear out all the enemies as fast as you can. They'll spawn all over the map, so stay grouped together and you should get it done in next to no time.
  • The second wave's a little trickier and involves destroying all the Ora Plants that'll spawn on the edges of the map. It's important to form splinter groups and take them out quickly before enemies start spawning in and you become overwhelmed.
  • For the third stage you'll need to group together and make your way to the end of a path filled with obstacles. Waiting for you will be a bunch of Ora plants which will effectively end the mission if you take them all out. It's important to stick as a close unit and avoid getting distracted by anything behind you otherwise you'll become swamped with enemies before you know it.
  • Stage Four's similar to the first. You'll need to clear out all of the enemies and collect Ora when possible to bring an end to the stage. The difference this time is that the enemies you'll be facing off against are much stronger than before. Again, stay grouped up and coordinate Ultimates if possible!
  • The final stage is a boss fight against Kayn. It's a three stage affair where you'll need to survive against waves of enemies, deal damage to him and dodge his telegraphed abilities. As with most of Odyssey, it's a case of staying grouped together to avoid taking too much damage. If you've got a Sona on your time, just stick near them and you should be fine.
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