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League Of Legends Patch 5.19 Introduces Kindred

Oh, what large crossbows you have

On Thursday past, the League Of Legends World Championship Series 2015 kicked off, running League of Legends [official site] on its 5.18 patch. For those not taking part in the annual spectacle, patch 5.19 is out now, ushering in a host of largely superficial changes but also, most importantly, the two-for-the-price-of-one new champion Kindred.

To those less committed to the League Of Legends cause, the World Championship Series, or 'Worlds' as it's better known in insider circles, can seem a bit daunting. If that's you, fear not! Pip's got you covered in her rather extensive guide - informative but pleasantly chillaxed, as she puts it - that details just about everything you need to know. As far as patch 5.19 is concerned, here's what Riot needs you to know:

Welcome to Patch 5.19, the one where we take a step back from all the big changes we’ve made to the game recently and buff Miss Fortune. So take a load off, relax and enjoy a light patch to catch your breath while we take head-count and make sure everything’s tidy before the new season comes around.

For those of you that aren’t interested in Miss Fortune buffs (the heathens), we also have a slew of impactful bugfixing and a complete rework of the jungle leashing system. Now you’ll have an inkling of why the blue buff you invaded to steal decided to walk back as the enemy team descends to feast upon your failure, but hey, you knew the risks going in.

What's more, jungle-dwelling Kindred is in fact two units rolled into one: a masked hunter-type fellow named Lamb, and a steadfast companion named Wolf, known collectively as the Eternal Hunters. Howl at this pretty cool concept art, courtesy of the League Of Legends website:

Although patch 5.19 is out now, Kindred have a tentative release date of "later during patch 5.19."

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