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A New Reason For League Of Legends Fans To Hate Teemo

Teemo, destroyer of joy.

Teemo. Bane of my life, idiot in a stupid hat. My sin, my soul. Tee-mo.

For those who live safely outside the enclave of League of Legends [official site], let me introduce you. Teemo is the game's official mascot of trolls and an absolute pain in the behind to play against. So Teemo players should get their ults ready in anticipation because Riot Games has released a fancy new Legendary skin for the little guy.

It's called Omega Squad Teemo and it's one of the most expensive things you can buy through the game's store, coming in at 1820 Riot Points (or around 10 human dollars). It looks great too.

The skin will turn Teemo's poison darts into knives, his stealth mushroom bombs into landmines from the future. The dev's have also given him a new and somewhat grittier sounding voice, while dressing him up new squad gear. Gone is the fuzzy Yordle face, hidden by a full-face helmet. Check him out in action:

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