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League of Legends: When does Season 9 end?

Here's when it'll come to a close.

League of Legends Ranked Season 9 is coming to a close soon, and with it, rewards will be dished out to those who reached Gold or higher, and had a decent Honor level too.

Once Season 9 ends, an exciting Rise of the Elements patch will go live, bringing with it a tonne of big changes to League of Legends.

Below we’ll explain when Season 9 will end and when Season 10 begins.

When does Ranked Season 9 end?

League of Legends Ranked Season 9 will end on 19th November at 23:59 GMT. This means you’ve got a week left to grind for the Victorious Aatrox skin if you’re honor level 2 or above.

Once Ranked Season 9 ends, the Preseason patch begins and it’s going to bring some of the biggest changes to the Rift yet. We’ll dig into all the changes below.

What’s arriving with Season 10?

The Preseason is a chance for Riot to test out plenty of big changes to the Rift before the next proper season launches. Here’s everything that’s going live when Season 9 ends:

Elemental Drakes will change the landscape of the Rift- The Infernal Drake sunders the Rift, creating new pathways through buff camps and burning away their brush. The walls of the dragon’s pit will also crumble away, creating a much wider space to fight in. The Ocean Drake causes brush to expand and the environment to flood with water, creating more Honeyfruit plants. The Cloud Drake spawns air currents which flow through the jungle and dragon pit, speeding up champions in their vicinity. The Mountain Drake causes rocks to erupt from the earth, creating new chokepoints and ambush locations.

Video by Eldimarix

Elemental buffs will be more equal in both satisfaction and strength - Each of the Elemental buffs are now a little different and should make for a more noticeable increase in power.

Dragon Souls - When a team kills their fourth Elemental Drake, instead of stacking their elemental buff, they’ll gain a powerful Dragon Soul from the dominant dragon. These Dragon Souls persist through death and last the remainder of the game. Once one team has claimed a Dragon Soul, it becomes the Elder Dragon’s turn to defend the pit. This means only one team can have a Dragon Soul.

Elder Buff is bigger and better- Elder Dragon will still grant a powerful, short-term combat buff but it’s being retooled to offer teams who fail to claim a Dragon Soul a teamfight-focused hope of getting back into the game. Riot is removing the Elder Dragon’s scaling with Elemental Drake Buffs (which favours the team that’s ahead) and replacing it with a new execution component. If Elder’s burn damage affects a low-health enemy champions, they’ll be killed instantly by Elder Immolation!

Side Lanes are getting an alcove- Riot’s added identical alcoves to the top and bottom lanes. Both of them feature three patches of brush on their outer edges and a small space in their centre for champions to juke around or hide in. Finally, there are two new patches of permanent brush opposite the Baron and Dragon pits.

Items and Keystone Rune Changes- There are tonnes of other tweaks coming to League in the Preseason, but it’s an overwhelming amount to list down below. If you’re interested in absolutely all the updates, make sure you head on over to the official Preseason patch notes page.

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