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Leaked Battlefield V Firestorm trailer looks hot

I want you to learn

Fire! Doobey dooo! I want you to burn, and it looks like my wish will soon be granted. A leaked trailer for Battlefield V's upcoming battle royale mode (foolishly called Firestorm rather than Battlefield Royale) hit the net last night. There are tanks. There are guns of different tiers. There is fire.

There are no surprises, in other words, but I'm still keen to warm my mitts on this. And hope they don't burn.

Trailer first, thoughts to follow.

So. Dice have given us a deadlier ring, objectives that summon vehicles, and the ability to fire pistols when we've been knocked down. Neat.

I do like how the closing ring is something to be feared. We're used to forcefields that nip away at health bars like overly enthusiastic garra rufa, but here the shrinking circle is something from which you simply must flee. That does preclude some interesting tactics: just last night I had an Apex Legends game where my team opted for a lengthy jog through the ring, ultimately ambushing two squads at once. We lost the fight, but we still felt cool.

I'm intrigued to see how all that fleeing affects the fighting, though. Plus that ring earns points for looking far more spectacular than other games, as Battlefield is wont to do.

It seems attachments aren't a thing, with weapons instead packing scopes and recoil reductions based on their tier. That implies less of an emphasis on looting, which is fine with me. Although Brendy was in that Apelegs game and he insisted the scavenging was his favourite part, so boo hoo for him I guess.

As for the rest... yep, that's what I expected Battlefield Royale to look like. I doubt it will tempt me away from Apelegs in the long term, but a tenser, slower last man standing fest sounds like a nice change of pace.

Dice announced that Firstorm will be out in Spring. That means it could be out any time before the end of May, but this trailer and the recent appearance of an in-game Firestorm Daily Order challenge suggests it will be sooner rather than later.

Doobey dooo.

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