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Gunpoints Of View: Tom Francis Teaches Gamemaker

Gunpoint creator on how to make games

Do YOU want to be the next indie millionaire? Well, you can't. There are far too many of the blighters already and not a lot of room for more. You could make a game though: that's pretty cool. I suspect many people reading these have thought about doing so, if they haven't already, but the question is where to start? Well, with an engine, and if you're a raw beginner that's either going to be Gamemaker or Unity. The former's the best bet if you're making something 2D, which is the best bet if you're working solo. And then: where to start? Well, how about a new video series from affable Gunpoint creator Tom Francis?

The former PC Gamer writer had no dev experience before starting on the game, and it worked out pretty well for him, so these surely are yer actual pearls of wisdom.

"Making a game with no experience" is the series, and part one is 'writing your first code'. It's laidback and accessible, and I think genuinely helpful. I may just give it a go myself.

By Tom's own admission he's not much of a programmer, but he managed to pick up the key syntax that got him through. There's also stuff in there about why making games is such an appealing thing to him.

Disclaimer: some members of RPS know Tom Francis personally. Other Gamemaker tutorials are available. Other Gamemaker game makers are available.

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