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Left 4 Dead Footage 

Brand new Left 4 Dead in-game footage? Blimey. I only just noticed these two clips because I was off talking to people at Nordic Game for most of the week, and it was a fun time. I'll probably talk more about that over the weekend, because lots of stuff happened. Anyway, after the jump are those two new trailers, which show lots of speedy-looking in-game footage. Perhaps even sped up a little? I can't tell, my brain is in perceptual neutral.

The "meatgrinder" trailer shows plenty of zombie-death, and some of that vital saving-your-friends stuff. Not sure about that music though - sounds like mid-90s scrolling-shooter title screen track to me.

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A good glimpse of the teamplay in this, er, teamplay trailer. You get to see how you can be dragged to your feet and saved by chums during the fight. Nail-biting stuff, or it would be if you weren't so busy rekilling the undead.

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If I can ever get any spare time to work it up I'm going to try and post a detailed preview of Left 4 Dead. I've played it a couple of times now and I think the big write-up might be overdue...

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Left 4 Dead

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