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Left 4 Dead-like Back 4 Blood arrives summer 2021

Ready 4 zombies

Forget Left 4 Dead 3, it's all about Back 4 Blood, baby. If you're looking for your next zombie fix, Turtle Rock Studios, the folks behind Left 4 Dead, revealed a trailer and some gameplay of their upcoming first-person zombiethon at the Game Awards tonight. Surprise, surprise, Back 5 Blood looks an awful lot like L4D. It also looks pretty great, and comes out next year, on June 22nd.

Get a load of those monsters. You've got loads of different zombo types in there - regular shamblers, big lads that puke on you, bigger lads that will pick up and wollop you, and some freakier things like four-armed zombie monkeys.

Back 4 Blood will have four player online co-op, as well as 4v4 online PvP. It was first announced last year, and back in July the devs showed a cheeky teaser image of a big old fortified base. Now we have all this to watch:

The game is being published by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, and it's set to come out June 22nd 2021.

There's a closed alpha kicking off next week on December 17th, sign up on the B4B website for a chance to get access.

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Back 4 Blood

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