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Anti dungeon crawler Legend Of Keepers has clawed into full launch

Kick the heroes out of your house

If you're tired of dungeon crawling, perhaps you're up for a bit of dungeon defending. Anti-crawler Legend Of Keepers has cleared the early access floor and has headed up to a full launch. You'll hire on as a manager at Dungeons Company and devise a series of traps and minions to keep those pesky "heroes" off your property. Management is tough though, because your minion employees always seem to be getting into trouble and need you to command their battles. The full launch for Legend Of Keepers comes with a new update adding new monsters, modes, and more.

The developers of Goblinz Studio call Legend Of Keepers a blend between roguelite and dungeon defender. You'll hire up your monster crew and manage your stock of dungeon traps. Oh, and "deal with employee strikes and other fun events," Goblinz say. You can spot one of those events down here in the launch trailer, a shameful case of "anthropophilia". Scandalous stuff, that.

During the actual dungeon crawl, invading heroes wander through your traps. When they come up against a group of your monster minions though, you'll step in to command some turn-based battles. Goblinz say that each run is different but you'll keep some of your dungeon manager's bonuses between runs.

As for me, I'm curious about those employee strike events. There's always a chuckle to be had at the mundane side of monster life. I bet Dungeon Corp cheaps out on healthcare.

For their launch day update, Goblinz Studio say that they've added a good chunk of new content. There are new monsters, traps, and champions. One new trap type being "trained rats" because of course it is. They've also added a Bard to the list of hero types for you to squash. New ascention and endless game modes have made it in as well. You can catch the rest of the details in Legend Of Heroes' launch patch notes.

You can spot Legend Of Keepers over on Steam and GOG where it's 10% discounted to £14.39/€16.19/$17.99 until May 6th.

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