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Legend Of Mana is coming to PC with a remaster

The PSone RPG returns

Square Enix last night announced a remastered rerelease of Legend Of Mana, an RPG first released in 1999 on PlayStation by Square (before their marriage to Enix). While they've previously deemed Mana games from the SNES old enough to be fully remade in 3D, this is just a remaster touching up the graphics and music a bit. Have a peek at the refreshed look in the trailer below.

This new version will feature "remastered visuals, a rearranged soundtrack and the 'Ring Ring Land' mini-game which will be available to the West for the first time," Squeenix say. Also, y'know, it's on PC (well, on PC outside emulators).

Legend Of Mana will launch on Steam on June 24th, also hitting PS4 and Switch.

PlayStation RPGs are a huge hole in my gaming knowledge but I've heard folks talk fondly of the series? What's this one like, y'all? Looking forward to it? Planning to point people to the Steam page and shout "LOOK, NOW WILL YOU FINALLY PLAY OUT?"

Squeenix have been going wild with remasters and rereleases of vintage RPGs in recent years, though it's a shame many of the PC versions of classic Final Fantasies have been well rubbo. Last night they also confirmed a release date for SaGa Frontier Remastered, a game they first announced last year. Their revamped version of the 1997 RPG is due April 15th on Steam, as well as Switch, PS4, iOS, and Android.

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