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Poe Dameron Shows Off In LEGO Star Wars Trailer

Boldly going

Oh! I'd entirely forgotten about LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens [official site], possibly because its announcement leaked out with a pffffft. But yes, a plasticised adaptation of last year's boldly-going megahit movie is coming on June 28th, a new trailer reminds me. It's not the greatest trailer, unless you're really, really into Poe Dameron (yeah, I've seen your fan art), but hey, I'm glad to be reminded this is coming. Click on, where no one has gone before, to see Poe in action:

Indeed no, that is not all dialogue from the film. Oscar Isaac and other cast members have recorded new lines for the game, though that pressure joke is a bit bum? The LEGO games are usually quite funny but ah, I don't know, maybe that one gag's a duffer. Or maybe I'm an awful old grump disappointed that Poe Dameron doesn't end up repeating "I work best under pressure" in different intonations and cadences, slower and slower, until he's curled up on the floor whispering it into the microphone.

Wait, hang on, I think that's a terrible premonition of a show I will accidentally see at the Edinburgh Festival this summer. An improv troupe performing Star Wars scenes in the style of Stewart Lee. With Jane Austen characters. And songs. On ukelele.

Five months after seeing The Force Awakens, I'll still say that my favourite bit is any time a robot or the carpet man makes a silly noise. I am fully confident that LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens will have plenty of those.

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