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Bricking it: LEGO Worlds leaves early access

Get bricked

Clip clack snap, LEGO Worlds [official site] is out. After almost two years in early access, the Minecraftbut with LEGO bricks has hit version 1.0 and officially launched. The big change in shifting from early access to full release seems to be adding quests and unlockable stuff, which is curious for a game that was a freeform sandbox for so long. Still, its LEGO Minecraftbut building does seem quite nice, with all those different LEGO shapes rather than your regulation cubes (and, in more advanced Minecraftbuts, pyramids). They're not bad, those there LEGO bricks.

Marsh Prematurely Evaluated LEGO Worlds back in June 2015. Since then, developers TT Games have added features from underwater exploration to splitscreen co-op and online multiplayer. The latest big feature is slightly more contentious. As several Steam player review point out (I'd point you at patch notes but, er, there aren't any yet), it's gone from a freeform build-o-explorer to a game structured with quests and unlocks. That's not necessarily bad, as some folks prefer to follow LEGO instructions while others prefer to dump their box out on the floor and go from there, but it is a fairly big change.

LEGO Worlds may now may be at version 1.0 but the developers aren't quite done yet. They said in February that "we plan to continue to support Worlds for the foreseeable future with a host of regular updates planned throughout the year which will introduce more of your highly requested features, as well as our own!" Hopefully a freeform 'creative' mode is planned?

LEGO Worlds is £24.99/29,99€/$29.99 on Steam. Here, have a gander at it in this launch trailer, which seems to have borrowed its soundtrack from 2002:

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