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Life Is Strange 2 continues in May, ends in December

May to December, just like the BBC sitcom

Square Enix have kindly given way-advance notice of three dates you'll want to stock up on tissues for, announcing launch dates for the remaining three episodes of Life Is Strange 2. I don't have foreknowledge of what will happen to kiddywinkles on the lam with superpowers but, y'know, they are kiddywinkles on the lam - one way or another, you'll be getting sniffly. Better book that Tesco delivery for a family box of tissues today (other supermarkets are available).

Episode 3 will launch on May 9th, Square Enix announced today, followed by episode 4 on August 22nd then episode 5 on December 3rd. That gives the series a span of fourteen months - not bad. It does seem bold to date three episodes months in advance, mind.

While Dontnod Entertainment know where they're going with all this, they've said their process lets them swerve a bit.

"Similar to the first Life Is Strange, even if the full LIS2 story has already been written entirely before working on the individual episodes, we give ourselves the opportunity to adapt the content and make changes during the production of an episode when it feels right creatively," they noted on their blog last week.

As for where the next episode is going, Squeenix blast this blurb:

"Episode 3, 'Wastelands', continues Sean and Daniel Diaz's journey to Mexico, as they reach the towering redwood forests of California. Falling in with a community of drifters on the fringes of society, the brothers are exposed to new experiences, encounter new friends and challenges, and must confront much about themselves in the process. New relationships cause friction between the brothers and raise doubts about their unity. Can they stay together, or will their journey together end here?"

I've avoided Life Is Strange 2 so far because the first game meant enough to me at a certain point in my life that I'm happy to just leave the whole thing be, let it all sit in memory and not disturb it even with an unconnected sequel. That said, I am mighty tempted by the promise of redwoods. About the happiest I've ever been was passing through the Avenue of the Giants with a pal, stopping to walk through the trees, swim in Eel River, drink whisky on the bank, and just gaze in awe of the scale and sound and smell and agh big trees are the best I lost all comprehension of scale because I understand how big a tree is and how it can be used to judge distance and height but when the trees around you are twice the size you understand trees to be your brain just breaks and it's dizzying and breathe, Alice, breathe.

Alice Bee and our boy Brendy have been playing Life Is Strange 2, mind, and picked through the episodes in one two verdict-o-chats. They can offer useful opinions, ones more insightful than "big trees are actually quite large, you know." BUT THEY ARE.

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