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Life Is Strange Ep 1 Now Free, Available On Mac/Linux

Life to the Max

Time-altering teenage dramathon Life Is Strange [official site] has just made its first episode free to download forever and ever, while also making the whole story playable on Mac and Linux. For those of you who don't remember, it is the story of photography student Max and her tough toque-wearing friend Chloe. It's an adventure game by Dontnod (the studio that made sci-fi action adventure Remember Me) with hints of Heavy Rain and Telltale-style decision-making. Look, they've created a new trailer to show off bits of the whole saga. Be warned, though, there are some spoilerish things involved.

The writers here at RPS are in almost universal agreement about how interesting the story of this teen duo is, naming it one of the best games of 2015 and cooing about it all day and all night. I myself played the game non-stop for...

*checks Steam*

37 minutes!?

Oh, that's right. I thought it was rubbish. Every time one of the characters spoke I cringed so hard I looked like a meme face. The teacher was nice. The students were nice. Even the nasty kids with guns felt like they tidied their rooms every day. I played the first 37 minutes and thought: "Wait. I remember what being a teenager was like and I remember hanging out with all my scummy teenage friends and we were all horrible and we did not speak like this at all." You know when people say they "bounced off" a game? Well, I bounced off Life Is Strange like it was made of trampolines.

But maybe I was too quick to judge. Maybe I am awful. Not only does a big portion of the RPS team vouch for it, it even won a BAFTA. Perhaps it is time to rewind my own life a little and return to Max's story. Any other fans (or anti-fans) out there who can enlighten me?

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Life Is Strange

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