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Like From Orbit: More Planetary Annihilation Looksies

I didn't back Planetary Annihilation, because my RTS win-loss record is me 1, everyone else infinity wins. But I've been enjoying the developer diaries immensely. I love how developers Uber are making a game with the doors wide open. I suppose it helps that it's an RTS, but it's rare to see the ground-up meat that goes into game sausage. Planetary Annihilation isn't even at the cooking stage: right now I'd say it's a pile of mince that's being lightly spiced with hints of dynamic lighting and just a pinch of pathfinding. Excitingly, the video below also tells you when you'll be able to cram this meaty mouthful into your tummy hole, and it's sooner than you probably realised.

I put it after the jump to create drama. My scriptwriting teacher says pauses = suspense. Uber says they intend to release the game to pre-orderers in early alpha stage


this month. Just in time for BBQ season, to extend my previous metaphor an unusually far distance. That's a callback.

Others cool video facts: The replay system will let you review the game with multiple views running at once (so you could be re-watching the whole game in one window, and following a specific unit in another), and you'll be able to use it in live games. And the game supports multiple monitors. If those can be combined, I might buy it just to watch other people playing. It's a striking enough game for me to do that. Videos below!

Game footage starts exactly at 7m30s in.

And there's a Q&A here.

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Planetary Annihilation

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